02/12/2018 : ALSYS

Launch of a Specialty Group with expertise in filtration and catalysis technologies read more...

01/02/2018 : Happy New Year


11/09/2017 : CTI-ORELIS acquires CeraMem®

CTI-ORELIS acquires CeraMem® assets and reinforces its presence in North America read more...

10/29/2012 : IC3 workshop

CTI partner of the IC3 international workshop, on the 6th and 7th of September 2013 at Lyon. read more...

01/18/2012 : Acquisition of HybSi ® membranes licence

CTI has acquired a license for the production of HybSi ® membranes. read more...

Gas Treatment
For the environment or for your processes CTI offers solutions for treatment of gas:

World leader in the production of inorganic membranes for liquid filtration, CTI is also internationally recognised for its expertise and technological know-how in the field of hot gas filtration, with the development and production of particulate filters, which may be impregnated with catalytically active phases, for internal combustion engines or treatment of industrial waste gases at very high temperatures.

CTI's technological expertise, around the implementation of ceramic media for working at very high temperatures and which are resistant to aggressive chemical environments, today offers new possibilities in the field of gas treatment, both in upstream purification processes with separation techniques and in terms of clean-up of exhaust gases. The technologies implemented involve purification by chemical sorption, gas-gas separation, gas-solid filtration and/or catalytic treatment.

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