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06/30/2017 : English title


Water and Effluent Treatment
Purify, recycle, refine: a whole technology at the service of your processes.

For more than 20 years, CTI has been constantly expanding its expertise to design and supply increasingly high-performing ceramic Filtration membrane for processing and recycling aqueous complexes, in increasingly demanding environments:
The benefits of multiple membrane technologies for treatment of industrial water are many: non-destructive separation of material to optimize use or in-process recycling of products, possible pre-concentration to reduce the final waste volumes to be treated and thus reduce disposal costs, compact and clean procedures which can be integrated directly in processes...
Ceramic membranes can also work perfectly in highly aggressive environments, in the presence of acids or bases, solvents or abrasive particles... that affect the performance of the equipment used in conventional treatments.

Our products are mainly used for the following operations:
Production of quality-controlled process water :

Pyrogen-free water, process water for the food industry, pharmaceuticals and electronics, deferrisation of spring water for drinking...: CTI is even able to provide membranes adapted to your specifications.
Our membranes are already installed in the process water production units in the world leaders in many industries.

Separation of water/oil emulsions :
  • Recycling of degreasing baths: among the major car and truck manufacturers and in other mechanical industries...
  • Bilge water: our membranes enable compliance with environmental standard (MARPOL: IMO USCG No 162.050/951/0).
  • Cutting oil recycling: mechanical industries.
  • De-oiling of effluent from the metallurgy industry: iron and steel industries.
  • Separation of water/hydrocarbons in the oil industry.
  Applications in industrial processes:
  • Recycling of dyes and coatings in the paper industry
  • concentration of flexographic inks
  • separation of solids (silicon and other abrasive particles)...
Membrane bioreactors (MBR) :

Our ceramic membranes are particularly suitable for MBR in outer loop for the treatment of small volumes of very aggressive industrial effluents.
  • Treatment of landfill leachates: depending on permeate discharge requirements, two types of ceramic membranes are proposed for this application: 0.1 microns microfiltration or ultrafiltration 300 kD


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