02/12/2018 : ALSYS

Launch of a Specialty Group with expertise in filtration and catalysis technologies read more...

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11/09/2017 : CTI-ORELIS acquires CeraMem®

CTI-ORELIS acquires CeraMem® assets and reinforces its presence in North America read more...

10/29/2012 : IC3 workshop

CTI partner of the IC3 international workshop, on the 6th and 7th of September 2013 at Lyon. read more...

01/18/2012 : Acquisition of HybSi ® membranes licence

CTI has acquired a license for the production of HybSi ® membranes. read more...

High Temperature Applications

The Verneuil process:

Around 1890 Auguste Verneuil developed a method for synthesis of semi-precious stones known as "fusion". This process uses an oxyhydrogen burner through which alumina is sprayed which melts and falls onto a seed crystal, recrystallized by cooling into a single crystal. A "bottle or carrot" (in red on the diagram) is formed as the alumina is injected and the crystallization frond is kept at a constant distance from the flame.

CTI offers manufacturers using this process a full range of insulation products from around the reaction.


Filtration of Molten Metals:

In aviation/aerospace and in the automotive industry, and in precision casting or the orthopaedic industry, zero defects and the absolute lack of inclusion in finished products are critical for meeting the functionality requirements and customer needs. Thanks to its historical culture in ceramics and its high-tech expertise, for over 15 years CTI has been developing and marketing multicellular filters in SUPERFILTRAMICS® materials for filtering molten metals at temperatures up to 1650°C.

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