02/12/2018 : ALSYS

Launch of a Specialty Group with expertise in filtration and catalysis technologies read more...

01/02/2018 : Happy New Year


11/09/2017 : CTI-ORELIS acquires CeraMem®

CTI-ORELIS acquires CeraMem® assets and reinforces its presence in North America read more...

10/29/2012 : IC3 workshop

CTI partner of the IC3 international workshop, on the 6th and 7th of September 2013 at Lyon. read more...

01/18/2012 : Acquisition of HybSi ® membranes licence

CTI has acquired a license for the production of HybSi ® membranes. read more...

ICE Particle Filter

The product of six years research in collaboration with IFP (French Petroleum Institute), this patented filter marketed by CTI since 2006 is based on very different manufacturing technology and processes from those used in the filters previously available on the market.

Its honeycomb medium is composed of more than 90% silicon carbide, bound by a special inorganic compound based on refractory oxides. While providing the same thermal performance as a pure silicon carbide filter, it has two additional advantages: very high elasticity at high temperature and very high chemical resistance.

Its manufacturing process is also very innovative: it was specifically developed by CTI in order to offer the production flexibility necessary to meet market requirements (in terms of porosity, size, shape filter...) at a competitive price. Our production lines at the Salindres (30) plant manufactures filters for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (trucks, utility vehicles, buses), construction equipment, generators, diesel motors and boats.


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