02/12/2018 : ALSYS

Launch of a Specialty Group with expertise in filtration and catalysis technologies read more...

01/02/2018 : Happy New Year


11/09/2017 : CTI-ORELIS acquires CeraMem®

CTI-ORELIS acquires CeraMem® assets and reinforces its presence in North America read more...

10/29/2012 : IC3 workshop

CTI partner of the IC3 international workshop, on the 6th and 7th of September 2013 at Lyon. read more...

01/18/2012 : Acquisition of HybSi ® membranes licence

CTI has acquired a license for the production of HybSi ® membranes. read more...

Research and Developement
An aggressive technological innovation strategy

Created 20 years ago to develop materials for the tangential filtration membranes, CTI has never stopped innovating to develop increasingly high-performing products, in response to market needs and developments:

1990 : o 1990: Creation of the company and development of membrane media for tangential filtration for liquids.
1996 : Our PMI acquires technology for the filtration of metals and alloys, and the Superfiltramics® range is exported to the United States and Japan.
1997 : The new laboratory and production tools in the new plant allows development of the process for obtaining ceramic foams (for gas filtration, sintering or baking media, ferrites... and soon catalysis).
2000 : Development and marketing of "guard bed" materials for petrochemicals.
2002 : New range of media for tangential filtration with permeability and improved mechanical strength (patent).
2006 à 2010 : 3 new media geometries for liquid filtration membranes (patent).
2010 : Development of catalytic membranes for energy systems. 

Key skills

Céramiques Techniques Industrielles

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